Frédéric Hannes

Application Development

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I've been developing Windows desktop software for years. The largest applications I currently maintain is SCAR Divi, it's a macroing application used to automate repetitive tasks on computers by analyzing visual content displayed by the computer and emulating user input. Other applications I developed include the Caderno syntax text editor and the HttpBox webserver.

My experience in this field is quite extensive as I have a firm grasp of the win32 api and many different programming languages including Java, Delphi, PHP, Ruby, C# and many more.

All of the software I develop is 100% free to use and does not contain any malware products, with the development supported by donations from users and advertising.

Web Development

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Aside from application development, I have also been knwon to do web development.

The most comprehensive site I've developed and published so far is The site allows you to paste text or code, which is stored in the database after being encrypted with AES-256. The encryption key is never stored and returned to the user in the URL to access the paste along with the paste's UID.

On top of the encrypted data, the site actively enforces a signed SSL connection to ensure a secure conneciton between your browser and the server. Syntax highlighting is available for a very extensive selection of programming languages.


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In my spare time I also try to post (sometimes) useful articles on my blog, which mostly contains posts about things related to programming and computers in general. I often post solutions or workarounds for problems I encounter while developing, code snippets and news/review articles about new software and development products.

Unfortunatly due to time contraints my posts on the blog are often spread apart by some time.


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I'm a computer science major at the KULeuven university in Belgium. This includes several detailed courses about the inner workings of hardware and software mixed in with a decent amount of science and math. I also spend time on extracurricular activities which include network/server management and semi-professional software development.

I also keep a small blog about some of the project I do for courses at the university.